FPVZ USA Inc.  The Daughter Registry for FPZV Germany and our Friesian Horses
FPVZ USA Inc.  The Daughter Registry for FPZV Germany and our Friesian Horses

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Pieter Franken

Cassandra Adams

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929 Providence Rd

Harrodsburg, KY








Friesenpferde-Zuchtverband e. V. (FPZV)


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To the Membership:

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929 Providence Rd

Harrodsburg KY 40330


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Dear Members,

May be a bit late but still want to wish everyone all the best for 2018, and hope that it will be a successful year regarding breeding, shows and fun with your horses.

I want to thank you all for sticking with the FPZV USA registry and together we have to make our Registry bigger again, get more members and share more information about our horses.

Since May 2017, Cassandra and I have taken over the secretary from Lisa and Don Eckhard and want to thank them for their hard work and long hours they have donated to keep the Registry going, it was at a very low point in history. I am glad to inform you that we have cleared more than 90% of paperwork cases what were not finalized. We are happy that Germany now has a new secretary who understands the English language pretty well and we do speak German too so it is a lot easier to communicate. The result is now faster Registration paperwork from Germany to the USA. From Inspection-tour beginning October until now, January , the owners of the new registered horses have their passports delivered in January 2018.

We can look back at a GOOD 2017, we had 2 inspection sites and the results were very good. Lowest score was a HIGH 2nd premie and the rest were 1st premies !!!

Also we congratulate Jack and Regine Brockway with the approval of their stallion Valentino JRB. The judges were very impressed what resulted in a new APPROVED STALLION.

New for 2018 we can offer separate DNA testing to rule out Dwarfism and Hydrocephalus.

We would like to promote our Registry in a better way , so we need ALL the help we can get to make this work. So members if you have suggestions and want to help to get more horses and new members, we are open for comments !!!! and check out facebook FPZV-USA

We also need help with the Cross Registry, spread the word !!!

Membership due before 30th of April, if not done please see the attached Membership-Form on the Forms and Fees page.

Stallion owners please pay the stallion fees for 2018.

Mare Owners, if you have been breeding please send in a copy of the mare-papers, birth report (within 30 days after foal is born) and copy of breeding certificate.

Without these we will not be able to register the foals!!!!!


Pieter Franken ( Vice – President FPZV USA )


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